Exterminator 4 Inch Revolver - Chrome Finish - Full Metal CO2 BB/Pellet Gun - Shoot .177 BBs or Pellets - Refurb

$ 42.99



Thanks for buying Bear River Refurbished!

We know that this product is just as great now as it was brand new, that's why we include a 1 year limited warranty. 

All refurbished airguns and accessories have been tested and certified by our techs here at Bear River.

The Exterminator Full Metal Revolver from Bear River has the look, feel, and performance that you’ll love, on the range or in your backyard. The first thing you’ll notice is the precision craftsmanship and attention to detail, with a full metal construction and polymer grip. Each revolver feels heavy and balanced in your hand in a beautiful chrome finish with an included 1 year warranty.
Shooting the Exterminator Full Metal Revolver is a joy with a smooth double action, CO2 power, and authentic 6 shot cylinder. Improve your accuracy with the adjustable rear fiber optic sight, and attach a scope, laser, flashlight, or your choice of accessories to the included Picatinny rails. Load BBs into the included metal cartridges, and reloading is easy with the swing out cylinder and ejector rod.
Perfect on the range, for firearm proficiency and training, or backyard plinking, the Exterminator Full Metal Revolver from Bear River is the right pistol at the right price.
  • INCREASED CONSISTENCY AND LONGER LIFESPAN full metal construction with polymer grip, C02 power and authentic 6 shot cylinder with included ejector rod.
  • CUSTOMIZATION READY, add your choice of optics and accessories to the included picatinny rails.
  • PRECISION ENSURED with adjustable fiber optics, a 4 inch barrel and a smooth double action hammer.
  • SHOOTS BBs AND PELLETS with realistic metal cartridges (pellet cartridges not included) for maximum range and accuracy
  • ACCURATE AND POWERFUL with four inch barrel and 410 FPS from 12 gram CO2 cartridges
  • This is a refurb (blemish, or open box item.
  • Thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to work

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